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Raw Is War 2

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2008 12:32 am    Post subject: Raw Is War 2  Reply with quote

World Wrestling Federation: Raw is War – Monday 9th April 2001 – New York, New York

WWF Jakked:

-Raven defeated Clifford Compton (local wrestler)
-Rhino defeated Essa Ríos
-Jamie Noble defeated K-Kwik

Match 1: Kane vs ??? - He Returns

The show begins with the WWF hardcore champuon. Kane coming to the ring, ready for his match. The screen goes black. Two words appear in golden letters...

"He returns". A return has been hyped on Smackdown and last week on Raw is War, but who is returning? ... Suddenly, Goldberg's music plays! Everyone is shocked! Wait... That's not Goldberg... That's Gillberg! Gillberg is back in the WWF! He comes to the ring ring a microphone.

Gillberg: Who is first? ... KANE IS FIRST!"

- The match begins with Kane hitting a huge uppercut on Gillberg. knocking the longest reigning light-heavyweight champion in WWF history of his feet.

-Kane picks Gillberg up and hits a sidewalk slam. He hits a legdrop on Gillberg. Kane picks Gillberg up again, only to get poked in they eye. Gillberg runs to the top rope and dives off. He hits Kane, but Kane doesn't even move an inch.

-Kane hits a big boot to the face. He picks Gillberg up... powerbomb! He picks Gillberg up by the throat... Chokeslam from Hell! He picks Gillberg up one last time... Tombstone piledriver! ...1 ...2 ...3! It's over! Kane defeats Gillberg in an extremely one-sided match.

Segment 1:

After the match, Kane exits the ring. He gets a  tub of gasoline from under the ring! He brings it into the ring and pours it all over  Gillberg's unconscious body. He exits the ring again and returns with a box of matches! He takes out a match lights it and- WELL! WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW! The Big Show's music plays! Kane shakes his head in denial... The Big Show appears at the stage! Only seven days ago, Kane set the world's largest athlete on fire and the Big Show is already back! Show walks to the ring and has a stare-down with Kane...

Segment 2:

The WWF tag team champions, Edge and Christian come to the ring for their match.

Edge:  Last week on Raw Is War, we destoryed the Hardy Boyz! ... Last Thursday on Smackdown, we destroyed the team of Grandmaster Sexay and Steve Blackman.

Christian:  Not only that, we have brains as well as brawn. The proof is that we intentionally made the Dudleys look good at Wrestlemania, so that they would get a 'vacation' and have a nice time in Disney Land, far away from our tag team titles. We planned it all along! that makes the number of teams eliminated from the tag team title picture by your truly, Edge and Christian, go up to  three!

Edge:  We are the greatest tag team ever and we will continue to destroy tag teams in the WWF until we are the only ones left. This seven-team battle royal will be a good chance to kill six teams in one night and hit six birds with one stone!

Paul Heyman:  So Edge and Christian planned to let the Dudley Boys look good all along? Genius!

Jim Ross:  Oh, I am SURE that they planned it the whole time, Paul.

Paul Heyman:  See? Even you are agreeing with them!

Match 2: Edge and Christian vs the APA (Bradshaw and Farooq) vs the Right To Censor (Steven Richards and Bull Buchanan) vs the Right To Censor (the Goodfather and Val Venis) vs the New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) vs the X-Factor (X-Pac and Albert)  vs Rikishi and Haku - Seven-team over the top rope battle royal

For a team to be eliminated in this match, BOTH members must be thrown over the top rope with all four feet hitting the floor.

-The match begins as Farooq trades punches with Edge, Billy Gunn hits a clothesline on Steven Richards, Christian brawling with Bull Buchanan, X-Pac attacking  his former partner Road Dogg with quick kicks and Bradshaw punching Albert in the stomach.

-The APA team up to try to eliminate Albert. They get Albert over they top rope, but Albert lands on the apron. He headbutts Farooq, then hits Bradshaw's head off the turnbuckle, before returning to the ring.

-Billy Gunn clotheslines Steven Richards over the top rope, leaving Bull Buchanan on his own.

- Edge hits the spear on Billy Gunn! X-Pac and Rikishi team up to eliminate Bull Buchanan.

-Haku throws Billy Gunn over the top rope, only to get thrown over the top rope himself by the combined forces of Bradshaw, Edge and Christian.

-Bradshaw hits a big boot on Edge a clothesline from Hell to Christian! A clothesline from Hell to Edge! One for Road Dogg! One for Goodfather! One for Albert! Farooq hits the dominator on Val Venis! Farooq throws Val Venis over the top rope at the same time as Bradshaw eliminates Road Dogg!The APA team up to eliminate X-Pac! The APA are on fire! The fire is put out when Edge and Christian run into the ring with steel chairs!

-Christian hits Bradshaw with a chair while Edge hits Farooq ...Edge hits Rikishi with a chair, causing Rikishi to fall over the top rope!

Christian clotheslines Goodfather over the top rope!

-The APA get up... Bradshaw and Farooq team up to eliminate Albert!

-It's down to two teams. Edge attampts to eliminate Bradshaw, who lands on the apron and throws Edge out from there!

-Bradshaw hits the clothesline from Hell, knocking Christian over the top rope and onto the floor! The APA have defeated the tag team champions!

Segment 2:

Jonathan Coachman is backstage with Vince and Shane McMahon.

Jonathan Coachman: I'm Jonathan Coachman here with Shane McMahon... and Vince McMahon. Well, Shane, why did you help your father defeat the Undertaker on Smackdown, right after such a huge war with him.

Shane McMahon:  My dad has already learned his lesson, from Wrestlemania, and if the McMahons are going to beat the Undertaker, we're going to have to do it together. Though my mother doesn't agree, I think it is bringing the rest of the family together, having a common enemy. Well, I have to go. My match is next.

Shane leaves and Coachman asks Vince a question.

Jonathan Coachman:  Well, Mr McMahon, how did it feel after defeating the Undertaker?

Vince McMahon:  I feel great, but it was too easy. I made the Undertaker and without me he's nothing. Taker knows that and that's why he knows he can't lay a finger on me!

Match 3: Tazz and the Undertaker vs Perry Saturn and Shane McMahon

-The match begins with Tazz and Perry Saturn. The highlights of the first five minutes include Tazz hitting a capture suplex on Saturn, Vince McMahon running to the ring to distract the referee, Tim White, while Saturn hits a low blow and Tazz locking in the Tazzmission, only for Saturn to grab the top rope, causing the human suplex maching to break the hold.

-Saturn tags in Shane, who hits a DDT on Tazz ...1 ...2 ...Shoulder up.

-Shane drags Tazz into the corner and stomps on him  ...1 ...2 ...3 ...4 ...Shane stops before 5 to avoid being disqualified.

-Tazz hits a pumphandle slam on Shane and tags in the Undertaker. Taker enters the ring and knocks Shane over with a a single punch. Saturn enters the ring and charges at Taker, only to get floored by a single punch just like Shane. Taker hits a scoop slam on Shane. Vince enters the ring only to receive a chokeslam!

-Shane tags Saturn in and carries his unconscious father backstage, too concerned about his condition to care about the match. Saturn is left with Tazz and the Undertaker. He survives about two minutes before he gets pinned after the last ride ...1 ...2 ...3! Tazz and Taker win!

Segment 3:

WWE commissioner William Regal is sipping his tea, when Kurt Angle enters his office.

Kurt Angle: You wanted to see me?

William Regal: Yes, I called you here to discuss something about the double main event tonight. You go one-on-one with Stone Cold Steve Austin and I face the Rock. Obviously, I wouldn't make those matches without a plan. Now, let's go somewhere more private and we'll talk.

They leave.

Match 4: Fit Finlay vs Chris Jericho - Finlay's Trial Match

Chris Jericho comes to the ring, ready to compete. Fit Finlay's music plays, but nobody shows up on the stage. Jericho waits... The stage is still empty... Fit Finlay comes through the crowd and sneaks behind Jericho with a steel chair! He hits the living legend in the back with the chair, before hitting the steel off Y2J's face! He hits Jericho with the chair again! And again! And again! And again! He picks Jericho up and hits a DDT on top of the chair! Jericho has been busted open.  Fit Finlay gets a microphone.

Fit Finlay: I never planned for the match to be tonight! It was a trap the whole time, Jericho! You fell for it! We'll face at Backlash, whether you can stand on your two feet, or you have to be carried to the ring!Finlay gets an Irish flag and waves it around, before starting to hit Jericho in the back with the flag, as Monday Night Raw is War goes to a commercial break.

Raw Is War returns from the break. Finlay is still attacking Chris Jericho. Jericho's bleeding is much more severe than before the break. Finlay hits Jericho with the ring bell, which was in his hadns since the break ended. He brings two tables into the ring and stacks one on top of each other. He brings Jericho to the top rope... Superplex of the top rope through the two stacked tables! Finally, security arive to the ring and escort Fit Finlay backstage while the medical staff take Jericho away on a stretcher. Will Y2J be able to compete at Backlash?

Segment 4:

The WWF light-heavyweight champion, Jamie Noble is backstage. Spike Dudley walks up to him.

Spike Dudley: Just to let you know, I'm coming for that title.

Jamie Noble: What? You? Spike Dudley? The smallest man on the WWF roster? You think you have a chance against me, Jamie Noble?

Spike Dudley: I beat you last week, for your information.

Jamie Noble: That was a fluke! That was the flukiest fluke of fluky flukes of fluking fluky flukes and bragging about those fluky flukes of flukes of... er... JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!"

Segment 5:

The game, Triple H comes to the ring.

Triple H: Last Thursday, I lost to Mick Foley in a tag team match. The same Mick Foley, who I had an epic street fight with... the same Mick Foley, that I ended the career of in a hell in a cell match... the same Mick Foley, who returned at Wrestlemania to screw me in my match against the Undertaker! I could of ended his Wrestlemania undefeated streak, but thanks to Foley, Taker is now 9 and 0! I had quite a history with the so-called "hardcore legend", but it's not over. However, I intend to end it. I'm challenging you to a match at Backlash, but there's one condition involved. Whoever wins is the better man and our rivalry is over for good once it is clear who is the better superstar. If you win, I won't call it a fluke. If, or rather, when I win, you can't call it a fluke. This is the final battle between the game and Mick Foley!

Suddenly, Mick Foley's music plays and the hardcore legend comes to the ring.

Mick Foley: Triple H,you know better to challenge me to a singles match. You know that I won't accept your challenge to a normal match. You know that I want a street fight rematch!

Triple H: NO! We've fought in your special matches, the street fight match, the hell in a cell match. Now it's my turn and I want to see who is the better wrestler. I want to face you in a wrestling match.

Mick Foley doesn't seem to be happy.

Mick Foley: A street fight match or no match.

Foley leaves.

Match 5 (Main Event 1): Kurt Angle vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

-The match begins with Angle hitting hard chops on Stone Cold Steve Austin.

-He attempts an Irish whip, but Austin reverses it into an Irish whip of his own, sending Angle to the corner. Austin attempts a turnbuckle cothesline, but Angle dodges it and Austin hits the turnbuckle. From behind, Angle hits a German suplex.

- Austin tosses Angle out of the ring and follows him. He hits Angle's head off the announcers' table. Austin returns to ring when the count-out reaches 2. Angle follows him, only to receive a lou thesz press and several punches. Austin hits his trademark elbow drop, before signalling for the Stone Cold Stunner. He attempts the stunner, but Angle counters it by pushing Austin forward. Austin turns around, only to get a belly-to-belly suplex.

-Angle locks in the ankle lock! Austin starts to crawl towards the bottom rope... will he make it? ... Austin is screaming in pain. He's almost at the rope! NO! Angle drags him back! ... .Austin may have no choice but to tap out! He reverses it into a roll-up! ...1 ...2 ...Kickout!

-Austin hits a superplex off the top rope! He waits for Angle to get up... He attempts the stunner! Angle counters and attempts the Angle slam! Austin counters and hits the stunner! Suddenly, William Regal comes to the ring and punches Austin with brass knuckles on his hand! Austin wins by disqualification!

Segment 6:

William Regal picks Stone Cold Steve Austin up and hits him in the face with the brass knuckles again! Angle locks in the ankle lock! Angle keeps the ankle lock locked in while Regal stomps on the Texas rattlesnake's head... The Rock runs down to the ring! He hits the 'lay the Smackdown' punch combination on Regal before hitting a Samoan drop on Angle! Austin gets up and hits the stunner on Angle! Angle turns around and gets the Rock bottom from the Rock! The referee calls for the bell and William Regal's match with the Rock begins!

Match 6 (Main Event 2): William Regal vs the Rock

-The match begins with William Regal and the Rock trading punches.

-The Rock Irish whips Regal into the corner. He charges at Regal, but Regal dodges and the people's champion hits the turnbuckle. From behind, Regal hits a reverse DDT ...1 ...2 ...kickout.

-Regal receives a Samoan drop.

-Regal counters a Rock Bottom by elbowing Rock in the side of the head. Regal clotheslines the Rock over the top rope. He goes to the rop rope and waits for the Rock to recover. Rock gets up and Regal dives onto him from the top rope! Both men are down!

-Back in the ring, Regal gets his brass knuckles on his hand, but the referee sees him and takes the knucks! While he's busy getting rid of them, Kurt Angle runs to the ring! He hits the Rock with the Angle slam! Stone Cold Steve Austin rins to the ring and Angle runs away in fear. Austin turns around and gets a brass knucks shot to the head! Regal had another set of brass knucks! He pins the Rock as the referee starts to pay attention to the match ...1! NO! ...2! NOT THIS WAY! ...3!

Segment 7:

After William Regal finishes celebrating in the ring, Angle returns to the stage with the WWF championship that he stole from the Rock last week on Raw Is War on his shoulder! Rock gets to his feet but Angle walks away... The show comes to a close.

Shiny dares you to thing of a shinier name than Shiny.
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