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AMV Battle Archive
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Animegirl vs Crazedpalmtree Judge:erm...yeah me I guess (DR)
4way battle Crisisb vs AnimeGirl Vs S10 Vs SA-GD World Title
Crisis Vs SuperMysticVegeta judge:ADA 2
ADA 2 v Mafta91 - Whose Kimimaro Tribute better?
ADA 2 vs Mafta91 Round 2
ADA 2 vs Mafta91
The Rivals Return
GD tournament Group 2 Darkus Ryder vs SaiyanAssasin
Gd Tournament Group 2 battle Crisis Vs Meriaon
GD tournament Group 1 Animegirl Vs. s10e10c
Mafta91 vs ADA 2
GD tournament Luis436 vs Crisisb
The GD AMV tournament, version 1.1
GD tournament Group 2 Darkus Ryder vs Meraion
GD tournament group 1 ADA 2 Vs. s10e10c
GD tournament group 2 battle 2 Crisisb vs SaiyanAssasin
GD tournament group 1 Animegirl vs SolidkSnake
GD Tournament Luis436 vs Meraion
GD tournament Group 1 Mafta91 Vs. s10e10c
GD tournament Group 2 battle 1.Crisisb Vs darkus Ryder
s10e10c Vs. Saiyanassasin
sorry plz ingore this thread
Animegirl68 Vs Crisis
Crisis Vs s10e10c-Anything goes
The GD AMV tournament
Mafta91 VS s10e10c
Anybody Wanna Battle Me?
Christmas Battle Royal! V 1.2|ADA v Crisis! The Final Battle
triple threat.Darkus vs Mafta vs Crisisb(in need of judge)
!!WAS!! Final Battle Crisisb Vs SaiyanAssasin
Darkus Ryder VS Mafta91
Sapphorus vs Mafta
Anime Girl vs Crisisb:World Title Match
Mafta91 vs ADA2
Darkus Ryder vs SolidkSnake
Mafta91 vs battlegroundsz
General Battle Thread V 1.1
Christmas Battle Royal!V 1.1| YOU MAY NOW ENTER UP 6 VIDEOS!
Christmas Battle Royal! Generalness beyond bounds!
Mafta91 vs Sapphorous:Sap Wins!
ADA2 vs CrisisB:- DRAW
Saiyan Assassin vs Darkus Ryder- AMV Championship
Darkus Ryder vs battlegroundsz vs SolidSnake
ADA 2 vs Mafta91
General Battle Thread
ADA 2 vs Darkus Ryder
ADA 2 vs Sapphorous The rematch!
ADA 2 vs Sapphorous:Sap Wins!
CrisisB vs Darkus Ryder 2:Darkus Ryder wins!
ADA2 vs crisisb:ADA 2 wins!
Crisisb vs Darkus Ryder
The triple Threat championship battle
Request A Battle
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