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VGMR - Round 1-16 - Reptile vs. Yoshi
VGMR - Round 1-15 - Samus vs. Solid Snake
VGMR - Round 1-14 - Bison vs. Chun Li
VGMR - Round 1-13 - Prince vs. Sheik
VGMR - Round 1-12 - Meta-Knight vs. Vega
VGMR - Round 1-11 - Captain Falcon vs. Ganon
VGMR - Round 1-10 - Coconuts vs. Fang
VGMR - Round 1-9 - Mighty vs. Waddle Doo
VGMR - Round 1-8 - Lui Kang vs. Sub-Zero
VGMR - Round 1-7 - Charizard vs. King Koopa
VGMR - Round 1-6 - Hyper Metal Sonic vs. Young Link
VGMR - Round 1-5 - Mewtwo vs. Zero
VGMR - Round 1-4 - Johnny Cage vs. Ken Masters
VGMR - Round 1-3 - Fox McCloud vs. John Cena
VGMR - Round 1-2 - Blinkie vs. Ms. Pac-Man
VGMR - Round 1-1 - King Dedede vs. NiGHTS
VGM Tournament: Revenge
VGM Tournament Finals - Link vs. Scorpion
For the finals...
Best Online Game Ever
Online Tetris
VGM Semi Finals #2 - Pac-Man vs. Scorpion
VGM Semi Finals #1 - Sonic vs. Link
The Last Remnant
VGM Quarter Finals #4 - Scorpion vs. Crash
VGM Quarter Finals #3 - Jak vs. Pac-Man
VGM Quarter Finals #2 - Mario vs. Link
VGM Quarter Finals #1 - Sonic vs. Ryu
VGM Tournament - Round 1-8 - Mega Man vs. Crash Bandicoot
VGM Tournament - Round 1-7 - Master Chief vs. Scorpion
VGM Tournament - Round 1-6 - Jak vs Pikachu
VGM Tournament - Round 1-5 - Pac-Man vs Ratchet
VGM Tournament - Round 1-4: Link vs Spyro | Finished
VGM Tournament - Round 1-3: Mario vs. Lara Croft| Finished!
VGM Tournament - Round 1-2: Sonic vs. Alex Kidd | Finished!
VGM Tournament - Round 1-1 - Kirby vs. Ryu | Finished!
The Video Game Mascots TOURNAMENT!
No More Sub-Forums
WWE Smackdown vs raw 2009
Final Fantasy IX
Mortal Kombat 8
Final Fantasy Retrospective
Final Fantasy XIII
Assasin's Creed
SvR08 Ft ECW
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
HELP!!! my 360 is going divvy!!
Jump Ultimate Stars
Predict Their Rankings For SvR '08
crisisb's mini reviews
Football Manager series
console wars!! witch would win this year?
sonic on 360
Smackdown Raw 2008
Sonic the Hedgehog:Complete Series DVD
Sonic And Mario Crossover Game
does anyone play final fantasy 10?
Shouldn't the tester challenge be harder?
Kingdom Hearts Movie
Your favorite Zelda game?
Favorite Series
Sims 2
Hard ?
Battle Stadium D.O.N
Resident Evil Series
Final Fantasy (FF Fans please dont get mad)
Time Crsis
Best Game, Worst Game
Favorite Game for Tony Hawk
Lucasarts "unleashes" brand new Star Wars game
What Game Did You Play Last?
Jeff Hardy
Team Fusion Vs Team Evil(dbz tenkaihi 2)Ps2
General Talk
dragonball z SNES
dragonball z dragonball z ps1/2
dragonball z gamecube
dragonball z gba
favorite dbz/gt game
The Out break
Sign up
Royal Rumble tip
Favorite Game for Each Console
Mortal Kombat vs Tekken
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
konquest, motor kombat and arcade
Fav Character
Platforms Poll
SDvR07 Chokeslam off the cell through the announcers table.
Top 10 Favorite Sonic Characters
Full version of "His World"
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