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Basic Forum Knowledge
General Topics
This particular spot has the general news and such of the forum. Please use the report feature and such in here.
Dial It Up! Awards
Winners announced for 3.0!
This section is for you to suggest new idea for the forum, or give us feedback. I will personally read every post.

New Members
If you are new to the forum come in here and introduce yourself.
General Discussions
General Discussion
General Talk Here
General Wrestling
Chat all you want about all the different Wrestling Feds here
General Anime/Manga
Talk about DBZ,Naruto,One Piece,and all your favorite animes here.
General Entertainment
Discuss Movies, Television, food, and anything else that fits the criteria! Music has been updated to its own Sub-Forum.
General Sports
Talk about any sports you like here, Soccer. Football, Basketball, etc.
General Graphics and Animation
Back up and running, although, we are in need of graphics makers.
Digital Portfolios

General Music

Writer's Lounge

Wrestling Diaries
General Talk
A Place to requests diaries, etc.
Sapp's Monday Night Raw

Shiny's WWF 2001 Diary - Keep the 'F' In!

DBZ RolePlay Archive

All-Star Anime Roleplay
Chose Your Characters!
Shippuuden Roleplay
Shippuuden Roleplay
Dragon Ball Z RolePlay
Re-Opens soon!
Animated Music Video's
AMV Rules
How to create AMV's, etc.
AMV Statistics
All Wins losses and draws will be posted here, along with the Title history.
AMV General Thread
Talk about AMV's in general here.
AMV Battle Thread
This thread is specifically for challenging and battling.
AMV Show-Off
Show-Off your AMV's here.
AMV Battle Archive
All battles that have been decided will be moved here.
Chat about Playstation games or just the sytems here
Chat about The Games or the systems here
Chat about anything to do with Nintendo here.
Talk about the Sega consoles and games here.
General Gaming
Talk about gaming in general!
Forum Activities
General Forum Games
Any sort of game your itching to play? Introduce it here!
The Crypt

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